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The initial setup of your Website is now complete. Now, it's your turn to begin adding content and additional images to your website through the Control Panel.

This is a temporary page that you can replaced by going to your Control Panel and clicking on Homepage Options (on the left menu). Replace NEWSITE with any content you like. When you do, your content will display on this page. The rest of your site can be populated by adding content throughout the various pieces of the control panel. Explore a little and get to know the controls.

At this phase, many of our members request a custom front page. This allows us to create a professional homepage for you, using graphics and text to make this page look great. This usually runs no more than $100. Contact your sales representative for details on ordering a custom homepage.

Lastly, please let us know if everything is to your satisfaction. By posting this message, we are indicating that we have finished your website - posted your custom website design, created the pages that you have requested, and enabled any special functions that you ordered. If you do not find everything your expected, please contact us immediately. We want you to be excited about your new website.

You should receive an email from our support department shortly detailing what to do next, and how to get help with our system. If you should need any assistance at all, please contact by logging into http://messaging.inspyred.com.

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